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Digital Art | Photography | Encaustics | Poetry |

I l live in Clayton, NY and am eternally grateful for this life in the Garden of The Great Spirit. I am originally from Canada and have been raising my daughters since the   turn of the Millennium in the United States. It is best to honor this ancient land and the ancestors. I derive great inspiration from all lines of my heritage.  Irish, Welsh, Dutch, German,  First Nation Haudenosaunee – Mohawk – Turtle Clan. I follow a long trail of Peace makers and I stride the red
and purple path in tandem. Blessed are we that find glory in the Bee  Niá:wen, Go Raibh Maith Agat, Gratias Tibi 

  Transcending Ego  
Art is about sharing your soul.  It is passion, temptation,  a storm.
Art is a fountain of adventure.
Rushing water with a welcome fascination.
Art is a vessel within our orbit.
It is devotion, memory,
A new beginning.
Art is nurturing new talent,
It is confidence emerging.
A personal portrait of
Light and life, night and day.
Painting with the camera where Buddha sat.
Art is a bird singing after a storm.
It is looking at you
for renewal of inspiration,
A fine view.  
Art is harmony and balance with
just a glimpse of magic.
It is winter; spring, summer and fall,
A stream of unity bridging into the white open.
Art is freedom,
It is blue water of frozen lake,
Sky, unseen and waiting for morning glow and sunrise.  Golden beauty of Mary Laughing. Art is love and it transcends ego.  



Autumn Reflections

Acrylic Painter Inspired by the St.Lawrence River

My paintings are inspired by the beauty of the St. Lawrence River, Thousand Islands, Clayton, N.Y. where I’ve spent a large part of my life. Currently living on Grindstone Island I am awed everyday by the river’s scenery, large ships of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

My first painting was when I was in high school. My art teacher taught me just enough to get started. She wanted to enter my still life in a contest however being young I procrastinated and was too late to enter the contest. My life quickly became consumed with all the activities of a young adult with children and going to college. I am now retired from the healthcare field.

In the year 2000 I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. Surprisingly not in painting but in Multimedia Development. I took some courses in drawing, photography and design but no painting classes.

It wasn't until 2014 when I was inspired by a local art student at R.I.T. in Rochester. She was painting over water stained areas on my mother’s 50 year old wall paper. This inspired me to pick up a brush and start painting a picture I had of an island in the Saint Lawrence River. To my surprise I was told by my friends my picture was impressive. I continued to paint and taught myself via some books and videos to paint with acrylic.

From that point on I’ve painted about 6-8 paintings each year, only two of which have been oil. I’ve chosen acrylic due to its fast drying ability and the ease of painting over something I want to change.

I am presently painting in our log house on Grindstone Island. I have so many inspirations from growing up on the river and raising two boys on Grindstone Island I often have a hard time decided what to paint! I also get inspiration from a childhood friend Steve McMahon. A very accomplished wildlife photographer.

I’m a good example of finding a hidden talent later in life. It definitely was a surprise to me. I hope this encourages people to try new things and go with your instinct try something new! You never know.

Garrett McCarthy


Fireworks Over Boldt Castle


Muralist, Oil & Plein Air Painting

Garrett McCarthy paints with vivid colors, emphasizing a strong light source to highlight elements within each scene. 

McCarthy, received his BFA in Fine Art from the  University of Massachusetts and further advanced his studies at Exeter  College of Art on southwestern England. His mural work for restaurants,  banks, and even Atlantis in the Bahamas - have remained on display since  their installation over the years. 

He resides in Henderson, NY in an old church structure which serves as his studio & loft.


Photography, Digital Art & Mixed Media


Photography, Digital/Graphic Art, Mixed Media

Suzan’s photography, digital art and mixed media work represents the diversity of medium and the mixing of photography and digital art in her work. She attempts to depict the images she sees in the world around her with a sense of depth, movement and texture; often there is a fanciful and imaginative element to her work. Suzan believes that we all see and interpret the world through the filters of our personal story, and her art is an imaginative exploration of the world she lives in.  Suzan is a native of Kingwood, TX, where from an early age she was drawn to any form of creativity be it drawing, acting in the local theater, writing poetry, or taking pictures. Suzan arrived in Upstate New York 20 years ago and was hooked almost at once by the beauty of the area. Bravura Photography came into being in 2008 and was inspired by Suzan’s first image titled “Bravura” to be juried into the Remington Art Museums Members’ Juried Exhibit. Suzan continues to create and show her work in various mediums.  Suzan’s award-winning works include Best in Show at the Frederick Remington Museum Member Juried Show in 2015 for her digital art piece titled Urbanization. 



Wood Shepard


Stephen Shay


Artisan woodworker and boat lover Stephen C. Shay is a retired clergyman, and a passionate woodworker working out of his shop and studio in Maitland, ON, Canada, near his beloved St. Lawrence River.

Shay makes nautical items that include whimsical fish, old paddle wheel steam boats, cargo ships, “Lakers”, harbor tugs and huge wooden river and lakes sturgeons. He specializes in historically correct 1000 Islands tour boats in his unique folk art style.
His first encounter with small boats was on Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes District of New York State. He spent summers in the 1000 Islands in the 1950s and 60s, experiencing the skiffs, grand mahogany boats, and Seaway Lakers that sailed there. He soon learned about the beautiful wood and coal fired wooden steamers and their place in the development of communities, industries and trade routes along the River and in the 1000 Islands.

Folk Art Style

 All items are hand crafted for the most part from re-purposed, first-cut Upper Canada pine gleaned from the floor boards of houses, barns and boat houses built by early Upper Canada. 


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