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Joan Applebaum - Summer Seasonal Artist



Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Joan Applebaum’s colorful paintings of Upstate New York have been  in galleries and shows throughout New York State.

Her recent move to the coastal town of Lewes, Delaware has provided new inspiration. Its quaint architecture and scenic beaches beg to be painted.

Joan maintains a studio at her home base in Lewes and at her camp in the Indian River Lakes.


Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Joan maintains a studio at her home base in Lewes and at her

Joan’s exhibits have included solo shows at SUNY Oswego Tyler Art Gallery Downtown, The Sackets Harbor Arts Center, Delavan Art Gallery, the Adirondack Centers for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake and Old Forge, the Community Arts Council Gallery in Utica and several locations in Syracuse and surrounding areas.


Anna no 2.

Acrylic, Watercolor and Textile Painting

Anna no 2.

Joan holds memberships in the following art organizations: Rehoboth Art League, CNY Branch National League of American Pen Women, and the Arts Association of Northern New York. This I showed Joan's second season showing at River Muse Art Gallery and Studio.  


Fused Glass, Lampwork

Susan Berry has been a glass artist for over 30 years and a fourth generation summer resident on the River. The St. Lawrence River region inspires her to create designs that reflect the beauty and interests of the area.  Be it fishing, boating or the historic structures that line the River, the images can be created in glass“  




Jan Byington



Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting


Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

Drawing since childhood, always observant of nature, Jan’s interest in the biological sciences lead to a career as a Licensed Medical Technologist. Moving from Cape Cod to Maryland in 1975 she seized the opportunity to study traditional oil painting in the studio of Bob Browne, an artist instructed by Jacques Maroger (Flemish, 1884-1962.) With a young family in 1986 Jan relocated to the Thousand Islands and took classes in drawing and painting both in oil from New York artists Hans Junga and Alan Tuttle and watercolors from Ontario artist Henry Vyfyinkel. In 2009, Jan became a founding member of Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region. Other influences are Old Masters, David Caspar Friedrich, Maxfield Parrish, and John Constable.


Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

Bill Christopherson

William Christopherson, Watertown, N.Y.,  studied art and art history at Syracuse University and SUN

Illustration, Oil, Watercolor and Plein Air Painting

William (Bill) resides in Watertown, N.Y., and  studied art and art history at Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry  while earning his degree in Landscape Architecture in the 1970’s. Inspired by the works of Impressionist artists including Degas, Winslow Homer, and Monet.  Christopherson has captured the experiences of the places he has worked and travelled through in his artworks. Always  changing and adapting,  his works have evolved to reflect more impressionist  techniques. Employing  movement, color, and emotional rendering  of the world around us today.   Many of his recent artworks can be found online at Christopherson Studio. 


Glass Artist, Multi Media

River Muse welcomes Clayton based artist Kim Conner to our ranks for the 2019 season! 

Kim has been creating art since she was a preschooler. Her mother filled the days with hours of painting, cutting paper and gluing many art projects over the years. Early on Conner began to see herself as an artist and continued her love of art throughout all her school years. An artist lover of the natural world of sun, wind, color and shapes and their relationship with each other comes  from living close to nature and growing up boating on the St. Lawrence River, skiing in the winters and playing outside through all the changing seasons of Upstate New York. Conner witnessed how the elements of the changing seasons brought a passion to her art making.

Conner first developed her idea of stained-glass wind chimes in 2016. Inspired by a visit to her Mom one weekend in 2008, they decided to tackle a wind chime project. Together they went to the art store for colorful glass beads and string and then onto the hardware store to buy all the other needed supplies to assemble the wind chime. The wind chime was challenging to assemble but the result was pleasing as it turned out well and it delighted and mesmerized them both by its beauty! Holding a warm memory in Conner’s heart to this day! Conner’s Mom died two years ago, and she believes her she is the continued inspiration behind her creating stained glass wind chimes today. For her mom was the love, light and support in Conner’s art making. 

Stained Glass is a medium she had been drawn to since 1980’s. The stunning colors of stained glass would make beautiful and elegant wind chimes. Light passing through producing dancing colors right before your eyes an energy enhancing effect transforming a room or outside space giving it beauty.  Meditation pieces for relaxation or simply to find peace and joy throughout the day as you gaze at and are transported into another world of twinkling colorful wind chimes and glass beads.

A Studio Art Major at Potsdam State University. Conner received Art honors in 1971 and 1973. For Art pieces created in both High School and College. In 2000 - 2004, Associate Director for Studio Pardes in Oak Park, Il. Studio Pardes was founded by Artist Pat B. Allen, author of Art is A Way of Knowing and Art is a Spiritual Path. The Pardes studio process simple engagement with drawing, painting and sculpture. Studio Process consists of forming an intention as a guide to art making and writing a witness to the art. Over many years Conner has taught many mandala classes and art classes for both children and adults. Created posters for theater and dance, stained glass installments and paintings for homes. 


Brian Fleig


Wood working, furniture design

After setting out in early 2018 to teach myself woodwork and going broke buying tools I found out I'm pretty fair at it. More importantly though I discovered my real passion, if not talent, is the art that goes into finishing it. Of the few tricks up my sleeve my favorite is Epoxy art. Whether it's colored with paint and other additives to look like natural stone or just a clear epoxy over a beautiful exotic wood grain nothing is better at making a table top stand out. 




Sharon Hughto


Acrylic and Textile Painting

Acrylic and Textile Painting

Acrylic and Textile Painting

Acrylic and Textile Painting

Acrylic and Textile Painting


After  discovering her talent for portraying landscapes, and for creating art  that incorporates her unique sense of images that surround her, Sharon  Hughto opened Boathouse Studio on the shores of Lake Ontario on Pillar  Point in Dexter, NY. The joy of working in acrylics is the essence of  her art. It shines right through in her work using color and texture.  Friendly and outgoing, Sharon loves to talk about her painting process.  Visit her work art River Muse and other local galleries as well as her  website. 


Acrylic and Textile Painting


Oil, Plein Air and Portraits

Oil, Plein Air and Portraits

Oil, Plein Air and Portraits

Faye is a lifelong resident of Clayton, NY, an attribute that inspires each of her paintings. From the river to the forest, her use of color is a trademark feature that quickly captivates the eye. While her pieces convey the awe inspiring majesty of God's handiwork-a subject of paramount importance for Faye-she hopes her audience also sees the quirky side of each painting, reflecting her own character and the 'oddities in all of us. She also has taught classes at the Thousand Island Arts Center, and also is doing paint and sips in the area. Faye has won several awards and exhibits in shows locally. During the Summer season Her work is on display at the Breakwater gallery in Cape Vincent. Faye will does commission work from antique boats to your favorite pet. She recently won The Artist  Choice award at the Morristown Plein Air Festival. 


Oil, Plein Air and Portraits

Oil, Plein Air and Portraits

Valerie Kubera - Summer Seasonal


Irvine Bay

Art Quilt mounted on frame


Fiber Arts

Valerie has worn many hats in her life. The ones that feed her soul are the ones that say artist and author. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t either writing or drawing or doing both at the same time.  Always interested in new ways to express herself, she took a quilting class from the Mennonites in Lancaster County, PA, and she has created with fabric ever since.  About eight years ago she put her penchant for drawing the wildlife and landscapes of the St. Lawrence River together with quilting. Val uses fabric as another artist might use oils or acrylics or watercolors. When done, she quilts the result.

Val is a native of Syracuse currently splitting time between Watertown and Wolfe Island, Ontario. 

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